For just £10 a month purchase a number between 1 - 100 and at the first home game at the beginning of the following month 3 prize numbers will be drawn (for post/pre season the first Saturday of the month).

50% goes into the prize pool with 50% supporting the football club.

3 prizes are up for grabs with 1st taking 30% of the prize pool, 2nd taking 15% and 3rd taking 5%.

Simply send a text message to 07854 364158 confirming your name and the number between 1 - 100 that you would like to purchase.
You will receive a reply confirming if that number has been allocated to you, or if it has already been taken.
Once confirmation has been recieved, we need you to set up a monthly standing order with your bank to us at SORT CODE 30-95-56. Account No. 01376766. ACCOUNT NAME Billingham Synthonia Centenary Club. BANK NAME Lloyds

Please referance the payment: Your surname and your draw number. eg MORELAND 67
(This is important so we know who has won).

To ensure you are in the monthly prize draw, please make sure your standing order is set up to transfer your payment between the 1st and 25th of each month
Your number will be fixed until you cancel the standing order
If you are one of the lucky winners we will contact you by text to confirm your bank account details and the prize will be paid into your account
A randon number generator will select the numbers
If the number selected has not been sold, we will select another number